Medium Cigars

PK Cuban Rounds- Toro Natural              


Handmade Cuban-style in Nicaragua, Cuban Rounds bring big-time flavor and quality at a low price. Expect a tasty and aromatic smoke with a straight, slow burn from these customer-favorite value sticks.                         

Sancho Panza Caballero                      


This wonderful cigar sports a rich Cuban lineage and a flavorful Connecticut Shade wrapper. This is a cigar with its feet planted firmly on the ground. Cigar Insider refers to it as having “an earthy, herbal flavor that gets richer as the cigar is smoked. A leathery finish.”                          

Cohiba Tubos                                      


This cigar is hand rolled with premium tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba and is considered a medium flavored Cuban cigar that is slightly milder than the rest of the cigars in the Cohiba brand.                       

Cohiba Corona                                    


A natural famous smoke. Cohiba Corona cigars are the cigars even non-smokers know, and with good reason: the DR's finest leaf is hand-rolled into a rich-tasting, creamy-smooth smoke. Heavenly aroma, too.                          

Gurkha 125th Anniversary                    


Cuban-seed Brazilian Habano wrappermedium to full-bodied profile as the smoke is smooth and balanced. Rich tobacco, sweet spices, vanilla, coffee, and roasted nuts all make a welcomed cameo.


Brick House Churchill Natural       


Blending specially aged Nicaraguan tobaccos with hearty Havana Subido wrapper leaves to match the rich, well-balanced flavor of their grandfather's Brick House cigars.


Gurkha – Royal Challenge Toro        


The blend is highlighted by an aged, silky Connecticut Ecuadorian wrapper, a Honduran Habano binder, and is perfectly complimented by Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers


Romeo E Julieta Numeros Dos           


This flawlessly made five inch Belicoso is loaded with character and offers an amazingly smooth and mellow medium body flavor. Handsomely appointed with the original retro Cuban band.


Romeo E Julieta 1875 Bully               


This feisty Robusto is covered with an oily brown TBN java wrapper, Dominican binder, and choice filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Brazil.


Romeo E Julieta 1875 Exhibition No.1      


Blended with choice Dominican long-fillers, rich-tasting binders and exotic Java wrappers. With hints of cedar, oak, nuts and spice, the flavors are all well-balanced and maintain their smoothness from start to finish.


Arturo Fuente Opus X Lost City      (RARE)



These limited edition cigars were crafted from the tobaccos specifically planted for the movie. Five years of careful aging netted a superb leaf with complex, sophisticated flavors and a truly unique character.                                   

Partaga Rubusto                                 


Full of flavor and great aroma. Smooth and rich in flavor because of the aged Mexican and Dominican long filler tobaccos. The African Cameroon wrapper makes it peppery with a nice touch of leather and Earth.                      

Partagas No.1 Maduro                      


Medium-bodied and has an even burn due to the vintage Mexican and Dominican tobaccos. Prominent tastes of leather and pepper from the Cameroon wrapper.  


Montecristo No. 2 Classic                


A romatic smoke, a return to Havana on the spot. Ligero and seco tobacco from the paragon of soils in the Vuelta Abajo region spill into each other creating heady smoke full of dark chocolate, earth and oily spices.             

Montecristo White Label               


The White offers a smooth, robust and satisfying profile for the more developed palate.


NUB Connecticut 354                    


The most enjoyable part of the cigar, that tasty "sweet spot" occurring in the last 3½" to 4" of a full sized cigar. This Cigar comes out swinging with its full, savory flavor from the very first puff.


Arturo Fuente Curlyhead Deluxe       


A high quality, medium bodied cigar. A Dominican filler, binder, and a fantastic Maduro wrapper to generate a top shelf Maduro smoking experience.


Acid Kuba Kuba                                       


Infused with natural herbs and essential oils for an astoundingly distinct flavor and sweet floral aroma.


Arturo Fuente Cuban Corona Natural      


The distinguished Fuente family has been engaged in the manufacture of cigars for several decades, and their process is always slow and meticulous. Since Arturo Fuente cigars are reasonably priced they typically sell out.                          

Acid Blondie – Cornona                       


The flavored tobacco is a very sweet buttery carmel. The draw is perfect. Another pleasant surprise is the amount of smoke this little cigar emits, tons of voluminous aromatic smoke, you certainly do not need to double puff this little cigar.


Grand Marnier Torpedo                   


Creative cocktail of top-quality tobaccos with the citrus splash of luxurious Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge liqueur.


Cao Gold Robusto                                   


Packed with flavor. Its mixed of vintage Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos make for a nice slow burn, while its light Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper gives it a little sweetness and a hint of cocoa.


Montecristo White Churchill               


These elegant beauties offer a multitude of rich creamy flavors and an intoxicating aroma make for a rich, creamy, well-rounded smoke with a satisfying flavor and aroma.

Nub Connecticut 354                            


A great way to sample the sweet n' smooth Nub. It hits the sweet spot immediately with a nice cool and even burn - yet a volume of flavor not typical of Connecticut. Short, stout and toasty - this Nub is a must-buy!

Rocky Patel 1992 Toro                           


Vintage 1992 line is medium bodied and loaded with flavors of roasted espresso, sweet spice, and hints of cedar. This line from Rocky Patel cigars is highly rated and highly regarded - a must have for cigar enthusiasts.

Flor De las Antillas Toro                      


Comprised of a variety of exceptional, Cuban-seed tobaccos lovingly tucked inside a flawless, oily, dark brown Sun Grown wrapper leaf of the highest quality.


P&K Cuban Rounds Churchill Natural                         


Using a blend of all Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos, the cigars offer a medium-to-full body. Nicaraguan puros. A good every day cigar.


P&K Cuban Rounds Toro Natural       


A taste so delicate and exquisite creates a not-so-harsh smoke on the lungs but a rather flavorful smoke for your senses.


Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Exhibition       


Teeming with rich, smooth flavor and a dash of spice on the finish. Handmade with a classic blend of Dominican tobaccos draped in silky, aromatic Indonesian Shade wrappers for an exquisite and satisfying smoke.                                           

Romeo Y Julieta #2 Tubos                   


An excellent medium bodied cigar full of flavors. It reveals some earthy, woody aromas, and also a good amount of leather and some hints of spice. Aromas typical of Romeo y Julieta, of earth, coffee and leather and nice spicy note on the finish.

Romeo y Julieta RSV Maduro Toro    


This bold bld promotes a hearty and smooth experience full of deep, rich flavors and a pleasant aroma.